Meow 1

My sister, Judy, in Richmond sent me a link yesterday to a true story about the cat, above, 'meow' who traveled from China to the USA.  I thought I would share this sweet story with you.  Enjoy!  Happy Saturday!


Colorful Seasons in Lemon Lime Twist

Lemon Lime Chair

Colorful Seasons Class

Tuesday, August 29, 6:30 - 8:30

CLASS FEE:  $25, includes one 6 x 6 Color Theory Paper Stack ~ make 8 cards.

Cat/Art Studio, 2758 Murray Avenue, Norfolk

Gourmet Stamp Club

Susan Tran 1

One of my stamp clubs met today, the Gourmet Stamp Club, and the hostess brought me flowers!  Susan was the hostess today!

 Thank you, Susan Tran, for the colorful bouquet!!!  This lovely group of stampers has been together for many years and has continued to be unique as far as my clubs go.  Yes, they meet once a month and yes, they are here to stamp and enjoy each other but ~ the hostess brings lunch (for everyone)!

Susan Tran 2

Each month a different member is the hostess (and receives all the hostess benefits) and she brings a light lunch which everyone shares.  It is a wonderful group of friends that enjoy stamping, learning what's new and each other.  I love having them in my studio and creating with them!!!  

Susan Tran 3

The flowers are an extra bonus.  Thanks, Susan!