Ms. Organization ~ Denise Caudron

Denise is in one of my STAMP CLUBS and met recently to do some fun September stamping.  While she was here she mentioned that she had 'invented' a method of keeping track of what she had previously purchased so that she felt comfortable filling out her ORDER FORM.  She has been using STAMPIN' UP! products for a long time (in fact, she is a past DEMONSTRATOR) so it is easy for her to repeat a product on an order.  She is also a very organized lady and has just recently started her own business ~ helping people organize.  For instance, several weeks ago she helped a lady who was moving and needed to think clearly about what to take and what to leave (throw, etc.).  Here is her notebook with several sample pages for you to see.

Denise Caudron's notebook 1

She has seven columns on each sheet.  The categories are: DESCRIPTION, COLOR, PAPER, INK, MARKER, REINKER and OTHER.  


Denise Caudron's notebook 2

Denise Caudron's notebook 3

The filled in boxes indicate the products in her collection presently preventing her from reordering.  I thought you might be interested because it is hard to remember, when you are in the CAT/ART STUDIO, what you have at home ~ what you have ordered and what you need to order.  Let me know if you have questions for Denise.  She has been very generous to share and may have some other super ideas to share with us.  THANKS, DENISE!



I don't know about you but every once in a while I need to take my creations apart and this afternoon was one of those days!  I wanted to be sure you knew about this wonderful product that has made my life so much easier once one of my team members (Thanks, Sarah!) let me in on the secret.  Obviously, the card above was out of date.  'My Valentine' was not an appropriate greeting for this time of year (and I loved the front of the card ~ cute bears) so off came the greeting using my bottle of UN-DU.  It removes stickers and ~ the best ~ SNAIL from  our cards.  The picture shows wet inside greeting card stock but it will dry and be perfect (even the SNAIL will be reusable),  You can't find this product in the Stampin' Up! catalog but you can find it at Hobby Lobby and I definitely recommend it!  Let me know if you have any questions.  Run out and get a bottle ~ it will save you a headache next time you have to RE-DO!

Stamping with Embossing Folders

Did you know you can use Embossing Folders for more than just traditional embossing?  They can be used for stamping as well, specifically to create backgrounds easily.  Stampin' Up! has put together a video to show you some possibilities for using your Embossing Folders.  Take a look and then ink up your folders for some fun!



A tip from Leadership...

Stamp n Store for blendies

This storage unit is from the same company, STAMP -N- STORAGE, and is designed for Stampin' Up!'s Blendabilities.  It works very well as the markers are easy to see and it is easy to grab whichever one you need to use.  In one of the presentations at Leadership the presenter suggested marking the end of the blendies using a Sharpie permanent marker ~ L, M, D.  Most of the time you can tell which of the shades of color you need to use for your project but some of the lids are close in color so this should solve that 'mix-up' problem! 


And now, back to the glimmer paper....

Calendar Class glimmer

I wanted to create a patriotic look for my July Calendar Card.  Stampin' Up! carries glimmer paper in Red and White (Dazzling Diamonds) but I needed to create a pretty blue.  I filled a small spray bottle about 3/4 full of rubbing alcohol (70%) and added Night of Navy ink refill.  Once it is mixed spray on the Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Paper and let dry.  You can make any color you would like!  Thanks for stopping by!  Susan Elise

PS:  If you'd like to make your 2015 Calendar I have two more classes, one on Wednesday, October 29, at 6 PM and one on Sunday afternoon, November 2, at 2 PM.

Happy June!

Barbara Schweiger

Yesterday in my Envelope Punch Board II Class, Barbara Schweiger shared this picture with all of us.  She loves Washi Tape and had gotten the idea for this way to store markers on Pinterest.  Don't you love that she did?  Great idea, great way to use Stampin' Up!'s Washi Tape to brighten, and organize, your supplies!

The 2014-2015 Stampin' Up! Catalog is available tomorrow (you can pick one up today if you would like).  One of the new products introduced in the catty is BLENDABILITIES and, I predict, you will love them as much as I do!  You can find these markers on page 212 in your catty.  They will not be available right away to customers (SU! is projecting July) but they are available NOW to Demonstrators and, with Stampin' Up!'s $50 Starter Kit offer it might be just what you would want to pick for your $55 worth of product!  Want more information?  Email me or give me a call, 757-641-9354.  I would love to hear from you AND love for you to join my team, Southern Stars!

Tool tip....

It took me a while to discover how important this tool, Stampin' Up!'s Silicone Craft Sheet, was to my craft studio.  Since that discovery I have been recommending it to everyone as the tool they can't, or shouldn't, live without!  The problem is that no one can find it in the catalog.  Not surprising as it is hidden at the bottom of page 175, under what looks like some pretty flower petals in Blushing Bride.

Why would you want to spend $5.95 to have one of your very own?  Do you have a hot glue gun and does the glue get all over?  Does your adhesive stick to your work area, grid paper, when you are making cards or 30-D projects?  Does your next project get ruined because the grid paper still has glue on it from your last project?  This tool solves all of those problems, therefore saving YOU from a craft crisis!  I really recommend you not craft without it!!!  Have a super Tuesday!

Silicone Draft Sheet, #127853, $5.95, page 175 AC


Won't do, don't do, can't do, un-du ~ a favorite of mine ~

Undo 1                                 Undo 2

This isn't a new product but one that was introduced to me by my friend, and fellow demonstrator, Sarah Williams.  Since then it is a constant companion in my studiio.  Ever had to disassemble a card, scrapbook page or handmade project?  It's a frightening experience ~ expecially if you are determined to make it right ~ without damage!  This is the answer!  Below are before and after pictures of a swap card that I wanted to use for my BIRTHDAY STAMP-A-STACK this weekend.  I had to take it apart and rebuild carefully.  Undo unsticks without damage!!!!  Get some and let me know how you like it!

Undo 3  Undo 4 happy birthday


I am so excited because I am going to Baltimore this weekend for a Stampin' Up! Regional Meeting.  And, we (Phyllis, Robyn & Beverly) are going to stop at Ikea!  I know lots of you have been to Ikea but I never have and I have heard so much about it that I can't wait!  Then on the Stampin' Up! blog this morning I found the following article about ribbon storage ~ from Ikea ~ so I thought I would share with you.  Also, after the article, I added a picture of a beautiful craft table ~ it belongs to my friend, Katy, who bought it at Ikea and put it together ~ by herself!  Thanks for stopping by!

Ribbon Storage-Messy Monday

I love using ribbon . . . and I even love just looking at it! That’s why—when thinking of a way to store my ribbon—I wanted it to be a part of my desk décor. When I saw these shelves at Ikea, I knew that they would be perfect. Not only is each individual spool easily accessible, but it is also inspiring to look at. 

The shelves are only about 3" deep, so Stampin’ Up! ribbon fits perfectly. (All of our ribbon  comes on the same size spool, which makes this type of ribbon storage work very well.)

I just love the splash of color that the ribbon adds to my desk.

Do you have any fun ideas for storing ribbon? Let us know!

 Robyn P.
Sr. Concept Artist


Katy's craft table April 2013
Katy Bryant's beautiful desk from Ikea.

Wreath of roses...

Did you wonder how I made the wreath that was on my Valenting Gift Certificate Card yesterday?  I thought I would show you today ~

Flower Trim
Flower Trim #126869 page 5 SC
Paper Doilies
Paper Doilies #129399 page 5 SC

I used these two products from Stampin' Up!'s Spring Catalog (SC).  You receive 2 yards of roses in each package and 24 doilies, 4" diameter.  I love the roses just as they are but decided I wanted roses in a different.  To make the wreath on the card I colored the roses with my markers ~ directly on the flowers.  Then yesterday I created another wreath ~ a blue one to go on a Portfolio ~       
2013-01-29 00.20.53
1. Pool Party Refill w 1 T water

2013-01-29 01.33.14
2. Drying on paper towel after 20 minutes

2013-01-29 03.59.02
3. Using Island Indigo marker to highlight each rose

2013-01-30 01.43.05
4. Add Shaker Frame, remove wax circle on top


2013-01-30 01.44.07
5. Add roses ~ I used nine

2013-01-30 01.53.59
Finished Portfolio cover