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Green Galore is symbolic of my favorite season, Spring!  Without Green Galore there will only be the chilly days of Fall, the hot muggy Summer and the bitter cold of Winter.  Green Galore is the color of the emerging blades of grass in the Spring, the tiny leaf buds that appear on the trees after the flowers have faded.  Green Galore represents the rebirth of my garden, the filling in Easter baskets, and the sunny brightness of the longer daylight hours.  I will miss my Green Galore ~ it is the green color that goes with all the flower colors from bold brights to pastels, it the perfect green for a perky child's card, or a sunny get well card.  Feeling a little blue (bad pun), put some Green Galore in your life!!  Better hurry, because I am stocking up!!! 


Lovely, Janie, you painted a picture.  Janie lives in Newport News where she is a high school science teacher and an avid stamper.  Janie, the package of assorted in-color card stock is yours when I return.  Thanks for participating!  And, CONGRATULATIONS!

I can tell that Stampin' Up!'s COLOR RENOVATION plans have effected lots of you.  If you have colors you love, please remember to order the refills for those stamp pads and extra card stock so you won't be blue!  Stampin' Up! will only guarantee availability through the end of May ~ after that, it is first order first receives (in other words, no restocking).   If you need to place an order, I have a special for you coming tomorrow ~ check it out on my post on Sunday!


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