Madi's Card
The sun is shining!

A Christmas Wish

Princess and the stamp pad This is a magical morning for us.  There is a blizzard outside our windows, we are cozy and warm and our kitty came home last night.  She has been in intensive card all week at the Pet Hospital in Virginia Beach.  We visited her on Christmas morning and the doctor told us we could bring her home in the afternoon. 

We spent early morning with Alan's family at his partents near ODU, visited kitty, stopped by to see Alan's friend Ralph and then went to my brother's for Christmas with my family.  On the way home we picked up the Baby Cat to bring her home with us.

We have a long list of medications and protocol so it will take a while to get our routine established.  But, this morning she ate for the first time since last Monday.  She is drinking her milk, another good sign.  She has lost control of her back legs because of a blood clot so we all have to figure out the best way to allow her freedom and assure comfort at the same time.  It will work out.  And, Alan got his Christmas wish ~ they are asleep together on the couch ~ so peaceful and so thankful for a little more time with her. 

Thanks for reading my snowy morning notes.  Hugs, Susan Elise


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