A Christmas Wish
Kitty Hospital

The sun is shining!

Shed from inside
The sun is shining this morning but last night it looked like this outside my back door.  I love the relection in the picture.  You never know what you are going to get!

Yesterday was an amazing day in southeastern Virginia.  This kind of snowfall (8 to 10 inches) is unheard of and the fact that it occured the day after Christmas was a gift.  Princess got through the day just fine.  Alan and I managed to figure out how to give her all those pills and to check off the chart I made to keep track of it all.  I think we will get better as time goes on.  We are not sure how long she will be with us so we will just make the best of having her with us as long as we can.  Thanks so much for all your comments and concern for our little kitty.

I spent part of my day yesterday making sets of cards to give to the staff at Tidewater Animal Emergency & Referral Center on Independence.  That's where Princess spent last week and I was very impressed with their professional approach and medical expertise.  I would definitely recommend them.

I'll post my cards tomorrow ~ they are all cat and dog cards, of course.  Time for meds!  Hugs, se



This photo is AWESOME! Our prayers are with the Princess. Happy New Year!! Miss you!!!

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