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Victoria, BC

Victoria Empress Hotel

Our cruise ship stopped in Victoria for 6 hours on the last night of our cruise.  I would have loved to have had TEA AT THE EMPRESS HOTEL but we didn't (I guess we will have to go back!).  The hotel was built at the turn of the century and opened in 1908.  It has 477 rooms and 4 restaurants and, of course, is THE place to visit!  However, Alan and I took a pedi 'rickshaw' from the ship all around the town!  Amazing ~ one guy riding his bike and pulling us.  He is working his way through school and doesn't want to go into debt so sometimes he takes 3 or 4 'tours' a day.  We were well informed about Victoria when we got back to the ship!

Victoria Monkey Tree

This is a Monkey Puzzle Tree and our guide said it was considered a sign of wealth as it was brought in to the area during the gold mining era and was very expensive.  It is a very large tree and very strange looking!  I thought the branches did look like very long monkey tails!

Victoria home 1

Victoria Home 2

Victoria Home w wood fence

Aren't the homes darling?  Tomorrow ~ Parks and Peacocks!  Thanks for stopping by!  se


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