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Wreath of roses...

Did you wonder how I made the wreath that was on my Valenting Gift Certificate Card yesterday?  I thought I would show you today ~

Flower Trim
Flower Trim #126869 page 5 SC
Paper Doilies
Paper Doilies #129399 page 5 SC

I used these two products from Stampin' Up!'s Spring Catalog (SC).  You receive 2 yards of roses in each package and 24 doilies, 4" diameter.  I love the roses just as they are but decided I wanted roses in a different.  To make the wreath on the card I colored the roses with my markers ~ directly on the flowers.  Then yesterday I created another wreath ~ a blue one to go on a Portfolio ~       
2013-01-29 00.20.53
1. Pool Party Refill w 1 T water

2013-01-29 01.33.14
2. Drying on paper towel after 20 minutes

2013-01-29 03.59.02
3. Using Island Indigo marker to highlight each rose

2013-01-30 01.43.05
4. Add Shaker Frame, remove wax circle on top


2013-01-30 01.44.07
5. Add roses ~ I used nine

2013-01-30 01.53.59
Finished Portfolio cover



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