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Mossy Meadow Mystery

Mossy Meadow

I am sure you are wondering why I am posting a picture of our stamp pad, Mossy Meadow!  My friend (and lovely cat quilt maker), Diane, arrived in the Studio yesterday afternoon with the stamp pad above.  She purchased it last month and hadn't been able to open it.  Her husband had not been able to open it.  I could not open it and Alan could not open it (wo brute force which I would not let him try)!  I made a phone call to DEMONSTRATOR SUPPORT this afternoon so that Diane could get her stamp pad returned or replaced to find out that this was not a new problem ~ rare, but not new!  Christina in demo support explained that several stamp pads have suffered from a too precise vacuum seal and that she had a PDF to send me that addressed the problem!!!  Who knew??  I tried the procedure outlined in the PDF while Christina was still on the phone but couldn't get it open (my hands aren't the strongest).  Christina will send a new stamp pad directly to Diane and, in the meantime ~ Alan got the stamp pad open!  And, it is fine.  It was just STUCK!  (So, if any of you would like a brand new MOSSY MEADOW STAMP PAD, leave a comment and I will have Alan draw a name ~ it may be YOURS!)

Download Instructions Fixing a Stuck Ink Pad

Moral of the story:  Demo Support is very good at FIXING PROBLEMS so, if you ever have one with any of our products ~ please let me know!  Hugs and thanks for stopping by, Susan Elise



Cindy C.

Wow, good info to know!


Good to know. I had the same problem with garden green stamp pad. Finally got it open.

Karen Williams

I would love the Mossy meadow stamp pad, I waited to long to order it and now can't find it anywhere, if you have the Re-inker too that would be great

Karen Williams

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