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Lantern Asia moves on...........

Last Sunday, Mother's Day, was the last day to tour LanternAsia which had been open since the beginning of March.  It was a spectacular show and, if you have been following my blog, you know that I have loved my walks (and one tram ride) through the lantern displays.  Curiosity got the best of me yesterday plus I needed a walk so I thought I would show you a few pictures of the dismantling process.  I found a lovely young Chinese lady working to cut cups and saucers off of the Pagoda and she said that they plan to be finished by Friday of this week so if you are interested you might stop by.

End of plate palace 1

End of plate palace all tied up

End of plate palace iron structure w cups tied on

End of plate palace s spoons

End of plate palace worker dismantling

ENd of plate palace worker w scissors

She has to cut the strings on each plate and each cup ~ all of them are tied on individually!  Sorry I didn't have Stampin' Up! SNIPS to give her, it would have gone so my more quickly!!!

End of swans

End of the guardian dragon

End of angry bananas or moons

End of the angry bananas and the beginning of beautiful roses!

End of LanternAsia and beginning of beautiful roses



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