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Ms. Organization ~ Denise Caudron

Denise is in one of my STAMP CLUBS and met recently to do some fun September stamping.  While she was here she mentioned that she had 'invented' a method of keeping track of what she had previously purchased so that she felt comfortable filling out her ORDER FORM.  She has been using STAMPIN' UP! products for a long time (in fact, she is a past DEMONSTRATOR) so it is easy for her to repeat a product on an order.  She is also a very organized lady and has just recently started her own business ~ helping people organize.  For instance, several weeks ago she helped a lady who was moving and needed to think clearly about what to take and what to leave (throw, etc.).  Here is her notebook with several sample pages for you to see.

Denise Caudron's notebook 1

She has seven columns on each sheet.  The categories are: DESCRIPTION, COLOR, PAPER, INK, MARKER, REINKER and OTHER.  


Denise Caudron's notebook 2

Denise Caudron's notebook 3

The filled in boxes indicate the products in her collection presently preventing her from reordering.  I thought you might be interested because it is hard to remember, when you are in the CAT/ART STUDIO, what you have at home ~ what you have ordered and what you need to order.  Let me know if you have questions for Denise.  She has been very generous to share and may have some other super ideas to share with us.  THANKS, DENISE!


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