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Owl Prowl

On Thursday this week I attended an Owl Prowl at Norfolk Botanical Garden.  An Owl Prowl?  Well, we didn't actually get to 'prowl' as the gardens were too wet from all that rain on Thursday but we did get to meet three lovely owls ~ up close and personal.  What a treat!  Dana Lusher was the educator who brought her owls.  She is certified by the state and federal as a wildlife rehabber who specializes in birds with a passion for raptors, particularly owls.

Screech owl
Tiny screech owl
Tiny screech owl
Very tiny screech owl

My friend, Thadine, and I to show you the size of this owl.

Barred Owl w DanaThis is a Barred owl with Dana.  He fell out of the nest when he was very young, was rescued and given to Dana to rehab.  I think she said he was about three.  He thinks Dana is his Mom.  He is very vocal and makes a great education owl!

Barred Owl 2Isn't he beautiful?

Great Horned Owl w DanaThis is a Great Horned Owl with Dana.  She said that he is about 15 years old and that if he were living in the wild he would probably only live about five years.  It was a great evening!  You can find more information on FB ~ Nature's Nanny Wildlife Rehabilitation.


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