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2020 Calendar Class

It will soon be time to be thinking about 2020!  I was thinking this morning about 2000 and 2010 ~ it is hard to believe that we will soon be thinking about, and planning for, 2020!!!  Well last Saturday was my first class to create calendars for the new year.  It was a busy class with 12 stampers creating from one to five calendars.  Some created a calendar for themselves but others have a tradition of giving calendars to favorite friends.  Here are my stamping friends from the class ~

Jenny  Mary  Barbara and Marti
Jenny, Mary, Barbara and Marti
Kathy  Joy  Vernelle and Nancy
Kathy, Joy, Vernelle and Nancy
Ann  Lynne  Linda and Boo
Ann, Lynne, Linda and Boo

Barbara signed up to make five calendars ~ that's a LOT of stamping but she had a plan and ~ a little help timewise.  I have added an early arrival time for those making four or five calendars ~ a head start so to speak.  So if the class begins at ten they come at nine which helps immensely!  And, Barbara completes one set ~ finishes it completely ~ and stamps the others but assembles them after the class.  Here's Barb's FIVE calendars ~ completed ~ and she sent the picture yesterday!  I'm impressed!
Barb's five finished 2020 calendarsI have room in my December 2020 Calendar Class if you would like to join us ~ it will be on Sunday afternoon, December 1, beginning at one in the Cat/Art Studio.  


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