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Stampin' Up!'s Multipurpose Liquid Glue ~ a great idea!

IMG_5736When my friend (and fellow demonstrator) Barbara Schweiger came to STAMP CLUB on Wednesday night she also brought a great idea with her.  The picture above shows her idea on how to be sure that the glue in the Multipurpose Liquid Glue bottle is instantly ready to be used ~ no waiting for the glue to run to the opening in the bottle ~ no shaking the bottle while it gets to the right location!!  

You can find this bottle of glue on page 162 in Stampin' Up!'s annual catalog.  It is #3 and is $4.00 per bottle.  I really like it and use it often because it does not dry instantly and allows you to move your cardstock around if you are layering and trying to get those margins just right!  

Barbara bought the little plastic cups (on the right side) at the $ Store.  She used her hot glue gun to add hot glue in the bottom of the cup, added the green cap of the bottle of glue to the hot glue (made sure it was standing correctly) and added additional hot glue around the cap.  The cap holds the Multipurpose Liquid Glue upright insuring the glue is always quickly available when you need it!  Thanks, Barb!!!



I keep my Tombow glue upside down in an empty pill bottle. Always ready and I can use the last drop out!

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