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From my friend, Melissa Burroughs, whom many of you know from my classes and stamp clubs.  She is so excited about Paper Pumpkin and I thought it would be really nice if she would share her thoughts about Paper Pumpkin with other stampers.  
Melissa 1
I was a slow adapter to Paper Pumkpin.  I saw some really cute projects made by Susan Elise, and even subscribed for one month here and one month there since PP began.  Then I really tuned in to some of the project sheets around the holiday season of 2019, and loved what I was seeing...consistently!  

So I took the plunge during Sale-a-bration 2020.  By subscribing for 6 months, or 12 months as I did, that purchase of Paper Pumpkin was like a late Christmas present to myself.  I was able to use the Paper Pumpkin towards SAB and got several level 1 and one level 2 SAB items.  

And I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed PP this past year.  Many times the kit ideas as packaged are cute, but not quite me. So I wait about a week or two after my PP  arrives, and I start skimming Pinterest.  OH MY GOODNESS the creative alternatives for each and every PP kit.  I am almost as excited to see the different ideas, as I am to receive my PP in the mail.  

Beary Comforting was the December 2020 kit. Beary cute, just not "beary" me.  With the ideas from Pinterest and a little bit of extra paper and ribbon from my Stampin' Up closet, and I turned 12 "kit cards" in three styles, into over 24 cards in 5-6 alternative styles.  See pictures below.

If you have been on the fence about Paper Pumpkin, I encourage you to take the step.  Subscribe for 6 months, and do it NOW before the end of Sale-a-bration.  Then you will qualify for 2 level 1 items or a level 2 item (I am getting the hummingbird SAB stamp set!). Once you receive your package in the mail, give Pinterest a week, then search for Paper Pumpkin and that month - YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY!  And then....Enjoy!  Best Stampin' Regards, Melissa B  

Melissa 2

Melissa 3

Melissa 4
Melissa 5

You can sign up for Paper Pumpkin HERE!


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