The Luck of the Irish!
Stampin' Up! Dies to die for....

Guessing Game Continued...

Retiring Accessory (2)

I got my first email yesterday ~ so now I have a contest participant!  YEA! Elizabeth Humphrey submitted TWO LISTS ~ one for Bundles and one for Punches (yes, you can submit three if you would like).  THANK YOU ELIZABETH!  Today you will need to concentrate on those RETIRING ACCESSORIES and put them on you list!  All of the CONTESTS END ON MARCH 24 so send me your lists soon!

CONTEST DIRECTIONS FROM MARCH 11:  You guessed it!  On March 24 Stampin' Up! will publish the 2020-2021 RETIRING LIST ~ a long list of the Bundles, Accessories and Punches that will be gone forever.  You will want to look through your current catalog and make sure that you have been able to order everything that has been on your list this year.  Once the Retiring List has been published everything that's listed will be AS SUPPLIES LAST.  So, I think a GUESSING GAME is in order, don't you?  Or, maybe THREE GUESSING GAMES ~ with PRIZES ~ one for Bundles, one for Accessories and one for Punches.  Today's contest is for Retiring Bundles so make your list of ten bundles that you think will be on the LIST and EMAIL me your list ~ be sure and label your list and be sure I know that YOU sent me the list ~ coming soon two more Guessing Games and you can participate in all of them.  The stampers who have the most correct answers once Stampin' Up! publishes the list will win a PRIZE and a GIFT CERTIFICATE OF $15 to use on products in the 2021-2022 Catty!  (If there is a tie, my assistant, Alan, will draw for the winner!)


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