Butterflies & Flowers Class

Mystery at the Misty Moonlight

This email arrived on Friday and I am still smiling (actually, laughing).  I had to share...

You are cordially invited to the Mystery at the Misty Moonlight!

Anyone who's anyone from the Westside Brights and Eastside Regals criminal

downlines will be there ~ so watch your back at all times.

The 'Backstory' starts "It's the height of prohibition in 1920s Riverton and stamping has been outlawed.  With creativity made illegal, crafters are forced to slip into the dark corners of society.  Although tension runs high between the stampers, they rely on one another to follow one simple, unwritten rule ~ don't see, don't tell.  They find artistic relief in secret underground stamp clubs that have been popping up around the city, a place where stampers abandon inhibition at the door.  They're free to stamp while jazz music lulls them into a sense of temporary tranquility.

It goes on from there ~ a very clever description of an event that I am looking forward to next month.  My niece, Katherine is Ms. Merlot (Former Top Demonstrator, Beginner Pilot/Eastside Regals) and I am Ms. Spruce (Stamp Boss/Eastside Regals)!!!



Of course you are “Stamp Boss” , how funny!

Beth Thompson

This sounds so fun! Have a blast!!!

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