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IMG_8499I learned something yesterday when I read the email that Stampin' Up! sent about PAPER PUMPKIN, did you?  I didn't know that they provided a monthly printable case insert to store and organize Paper Pumpkin stamps and supplies.  I immediately printed off the case insert for this months SWEET SUNFLOWERS kit ~ you can see it above.  It's very attractive!  I even found the case in one of my supply drawers!  If you would like to store your PP supplies you can find the STANDARD STAMP CASES on page 149 in the annual catalog.  The order number is 119105 and they are $8.50 for 4 cases.  If you didn't receive the email let me know and I will forward mine to you.  The kit this month is watercolored sunflowers, below...






Carolin and Tatum play it safe in some other choices, though, with too many sun flares and postcard-pretty shots of the beautiful western countryside and some on-the-nose song selections for the soundtrack. We do not need to hear Kenny Rogers singing “The Gambler” again; when it comes to that song, it is time to fold ‘me. One of the stops on the road trip is in Portland, and the tired jokes about too-twee Portlander-ness and Briggs’ efforts to adapt in order to get laid wear thin fast.

Stome cold

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sheesh it looks great here

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