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Packing Tape Technique

Here’s a quick and easy way to add more texture to your cards using a household staple – packing tape!

I’m using the Sweet Candy Canes Bundle and the Sweetest Christmas DSP for my project.

Sweet Candy Canes Bundle Sweetest Christmas DSP

Did you know the Sweetest Christmas DSP has candy canes that can be cut out with the Candy Canes Dies? I’ll be using one of those candy canes, although this technique works just as well with stamped images. I’m also using regular clear packing tape from the office supply store. You will need to choose an image that is smaller than your packing tape.

Packing Tape Technique 1

Pull out enough packing tape to cover your image. It should be sticky side up. I use a large paper clip to keep the roll in place.

Packing Tape Technique 3

Place your image face down on the packing tape and rub well to get out any air bubbles.

Trim off any excess packing tape around the cardstock or DSP. Use your die to cut out the image. The image will be slick, so use plenty of washi tape to keep the die in place.

Packing Tape Technique 4

How easy is that?! And now I have a nice shiny candy cane. Just think of the possibilities! Ornaments, drink glasses, windows, snow globes, fish bowls……. I’m sure you’ll think of many more ideas.

Packing Tape Technique 5

I used my candy cane to create the simple card below.

Packing Tape Technique 6



Melissa B

I LOVE this technique. Thanks for sharing. Must try it soon.

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