Tuesday Project Sheet
What a great idea!!!

Product Test ~ Stampin' Up!

Silly Goose, page 27, Jan Mini
I feel like a 'silly goose' for not being aware of this....

Some of you may have noticed that the following stamp sets are available in both photopolymer AND cling options in the January–April 2023 Mini Catalog:

  • Around the Bend Stamp Set (P. 35)
  • Fragrant Flowers Stamp Set (P. 21)
  • Happy Labels Stamp Set (P. 53)
  • Lighting the Way Stamp Set (P. 18)
  • Silly Goose Stamp Set (P. 27)

Traditionally, stamp sets have been offered in either photopolymer OR cling, but not both. If you refer to the Catalog Icons section of the Table of Contents on page three, you’ll notice two new icons: C and P (cling and photopolymer). This is part of a product test being conducted during this mini catalog to evaluate purchasing behavior and customer preference when both stamp material types are offered. 

To avoid influencing purchasing decisions, we initially opted not to overtly communicate this change. Unfortunately, we’re hearing reports of ordering confusion, so we’ve determined to communicate to all demonstrators and raise awareness. We apologize if this issue has caused confusion for you and your customers.

As an additional note, in the online store these stamp sets—and bundles containing them—have “photopolymer” or “cling” in the product name to ensure clarity.


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