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757 Creative ReUse Center


Accepting Donations Starting 

Friday 03/24

Welcome to our new location at MacArthur Center! Here’s the answers to some FAQs and instructions for how to bring us your material donations! 

What’s your address? 

We’re located on the second floor of MacArthur Center, 300 Monticello Avenue, Unit 206, Norfolk, VA 23510.  

What are you near in the mall? 

We are right next to the Governor’s School Gallery, and near the LUSH store. See us on the Directory Map


Where should I park?  

There are two parking decks at MacArthur Center, the North Deck and the South Deck. The closest entrance to our store is from the South Deck, level two. Park near Aisle H, enter through the sliding glass doors and you’ll see us almost immediately, slightly to your left. However, if you will need assistance unloading donations you’ll want to park in the North Deck. See below for further instructions. 

What kinds of things can I donate? 

In general, you can donate anything you’d find at a traditional, big-box arts and crafts store. Scrapbooking, papercrafts and stamping supplies, yarn and fiber arts notions, fabric and sewing notions, jewelry making supplies, tools and displays, painting and drawing supplies, frames, shells, clay and tools, photography supplies, kids crafts, wood crafts, faux floral, sewing machines, looms, easels, craft books AND MORE! Refer to our list of Acceptable donations for more information and as always, call with any questions. 

What can’t I donate? 

We will not accept donations that have a strong odor (pets, smoke, perfume, etc). We do not accept clothing, bedsheets, furniture (aside from craft specific furniture, like sewing tables or drafting tables), household goods, like lamps or general knick knacks. We also do not accept used plastic or cardboard food containers or empty glass pasta jars. Similarly we do not want your empty paper towels or toilet paper rolls. We also cannot accept household paints or other hazardous materials. If you are donating an item that uses batteries, please check to see if the batteries have been corroded. Refer to our list of Unacceptable donations for complete information. 


How do I bring donations? 

If you have a small amount of donations (3 or 4 bags or boxes), just bring them right in with you when you come to shop. We’re now accepting donations anytime we’re open.  

If you have more than three or four bags/boxes, or if you need help unloading your vehicle, please call us to schedule an appointment, so we’ll be ready to assist. 757-937-3821. Drive into the North Deck, entrance on Market Street. Go up the ramp and turn left onto level two. Our service entrance is the double doors near the handicapped spots just to the left of the mall entrance. Park near the service entrance, give us a call, and we’ll come out to meet you.  

When are you accepting donations? 

You can bring donations anytime we’re open, Tuesday through Saturday 10-6. 


Grand ReOpening April 1st! 

Mark your calendar for our Grand ReOpening Celebration on April 1st from 12-4! Make plans to join us!


757 Creative Reuse Center
1904 Granby Street, NORFOLK, VA, 23517

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