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Problem: knockoffs from China

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When you see a knockoff from China like this advertised, not only are they illegal (STEALING the designs, marketing images and sales) from a legitimate company like Stampin' Up! , but you take a risk yourself by giving them your credit card info and other data. China-based shopping sites want as much as you’ll give up - The info you provide, like your name, address, and phone number, credit card info and other data. They (and therefore Communist China) can also grab other details like your birthday, photo, and social media profiles, your phone or computer’s operating system and version, your IP address, GPS location, and browsing data.

Buy from legitimate American companies - what seems like a bargain may not be worth it in the end. Don't even click on their links - it just helps them reach more people. 
SALLYOne of my crafting friends, Sally, sent me these stamped pieces to demonstrate  this problem.  This is a copy of a Stampin' Up! set that you may remember from earlier this year ~ it was a saleabration set ~ THANKS A BUNCH.  Sally ordered this because she wanted to learn more about these knockoffs.  She says "The stamp set is very hard to work with, the stamps are flimsy and don't stick to the blocks well.  The dies worked just fine although not the quality of SU!"


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