It’s Time for Thank You Notes!




I know – Christmas isn’t even here yet. But of course! Now’s the time to get started on these cards before the holiday season gets too busy and there we are at Christmas clean up time with no Thank You notes and no time to make them.

I know that some of you may have more time than others to make your Thank You notes. So for today’s project, I have a simple design that will take almost no time to make. But then I’ll show you a not-to-difficult way to add some color and then a design that’s a bit more time-consuming – but not by much! I’ll show you generally what I did to make each of the cards. 

For the card at the top of the post, as well as the other two, I’m using one of the stamps from the Go To Greeting Stamp Set. For this card, I used the largest of the three “Thank You” stamps in the set. What I think makes this card a bit on the elegant side is the embossed border on the top layer of the card. The key step here is to turn the cardstock over so that you’re scoring the lines from the back. That way they’re raised on the front.


We are talking Thank You notes for Christmas gifts here. So why not add some Christmas color if you have the time to get out another Stamp Set and some more ink. For my card, I stamped the holly and berries from the Sending Cheer Stamp Set. To keep the holly groups in line, I lay a piece of plain paper under the area where I want to stamp the holly leaves, and add some marks where I plan to stamp each of them. I just flipped that around to get the holly leaves set up on the bottom. Once you have the holly leaves done, you’re not going to have any problem stamping the berries.


This card is one for that special gift giver! I added a bit more work to this card but it’s my favorite. I continued to use the Go To Greeting and Sending Cheer Stamp Sets, and started out with the scoring as in the first card. Then I spent some time die-cutting holly leaves and berries using the Sending Cheer Die set that’s bundled with the stamp set. I stamped and cut six holly leaves (3 for each corner) and 4 berries (2 for each corner).

No matter how much time you have for Thank You cards, I’m sure you could fit one of these designs into your schedule – and make a gift-giver very happy.



Thank you!

Thank you for the wonderful cards that I have received over the last month.  I have looked forward to opening my mail box every day because you have taken the time to send me a personal card and, maybe even, a little note.  I am so appreciative of all my friends.  I will post a picture of some of my wonderful cards tomorrow.  In the meantime, we all need to take time to say thank you and here is a pretty way to do it.  There is a project sheet for you to download.

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Download Framed Florets Thank You

#Everyday Heroes


Everyday Heroes invites you to celebrate, honor, and appreciate the special actions people make to show you they care.

The Everyday Heroes campaign focuses on the people who make small differences that touch our lives. These are the people who hold open a door, pay it forward in a fast-food line, or simply smile and say hello. We honor and celebrate the everyday heroes who go out of their way to show how much they care about others. This campaign is a way to appreciate the little acts of kindness that make a world of difference. Join Stampin’ Up! in celebrating, honoring, and recognizing the work of everyday heroes in your life. 

So thankful............

I was part of two different swaps when I attended OnStage in Salt Lake City recently.  The 'theme' of one of the swaps was thank you cards so I thought I would share some of the cards with you today as we all prepare to say thanks tomorrow.  What a wonderful holiday ~ just friends, family and food and the many reminders of the reasons we have to be thankful.  I am thankful for the opportunity to share with you on my blog and for our interest in that special process that creates 'handmade'.   Blessings to you, your family & friends.

Three leaves card

by Dawn Griffith

Gold pineapple card

by Cindy Baughman

Thank you pig

by Kay Smith

Thanks for everything

by Georgia Giguere

Gold DSP w flowers

by Missy Shipman

Thank you card w leaves

by Jennifer Cotton