Confusion Over Retiring Stamp Sets

I know many of you are a little confused.  With the release of the retirement lists comes some questions about the stamp sets that are retiring.  Many of the Stamp sets are going to be transitioned from our previous wood mount and clear mount stamps, to the new "cling" mount stamps. Those stamps are listed as "retiring".  But the images themselves are not going away.  They are just being made in the new "cling" style.  
Stampin' Up! has helped with the confusion by redoing the list for the retired stamp sets for the Annual catalog, and has indicated those that are continuing (with the new cling style) by giving those products a light gray line through them, and putting an asterisk by the name of the set. Those are the stamp sets that are returning as "cling" stamp sets.


Here are the lists again for you to look over.

Remember, the ones that are outlined are retiring from wood and clear mount to cling mount.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I'll explain anything about the new stamp sets.

You can also visit my online store and see all the retiring products.

(In the graphics list of stamp sets, the ones that are staying in cling style are NOT indicated)
(Remember that the stamp sets and the dies might continue in the catalog, but they will not be at the "bundled" price)
Stampin' Up! will continue to produce the retiring stamp sets through May 24th.  However, the accessories are only available on a "first come, first served" basis.
The In-Color products are always the first to go, so get what you want fast.

Idea Share continued........

Today is a continuation of our conversation about how we come up with ideas.  Do join the conversation ~ everyone benefits when we share!  I received two additional emails over the weekend that I want to share with you.  The first one is from Pam Campbell, a lovely lady and enthusiastic stamper who joined the group on Saturday for my CHRISTMAS IN JULY class.  

Hi Susan Elise~ I think I found the correct place!  I used to be very much a "creative" person, but my stroke took away that ability. So, I just find or look at things that let my long lost creative ability shine. (if that is at all possible) . 



And, this one from Janie (a frequent GUEST ARTIST on my blog!)  (Thanks, Janie!!)

I subscribe to many StampingUp demonstrator websites and everyday I receive many blogs with photos of new SU cards in my email inbox.   I use an IPad to read my emails and if I see a card Idea with possibilities I take a photo of it.  It is very easy on an I pad to take a screen shot and many ways to do it.  One of the easiest ways is to hold down the home button and the on/off button at the same time.  Snap!

The photo is immediately stored in my photo folder on the IPad's home screen.  When stuck in a rut I just flip through the photographs.  If you are like me I never have  the embellishments, DSP,  stamp sets or CS color that are on the photographed card.  This means my card will be completely different from the original. The Benefit to this system is that in almost all cases I like my card  better because it is made with the stamp sets, DSP, embellishment,  CS color that I chose and bought from Susan Elise in Stamp Club.

Note to Susan Elise...if you publish this on your blog you MUST also print the following:

The 2nd Benefit to this process is to see the cards of top SU demonstrators.  I can tell you after many years of using this technique that the cards I make in Stamp Club with Susan Elise are outstanding.  From design to finishing detail SEM's cards are beautiful!   We do have the top SU demonstrator!   Janie=

Finding ideas...........

My post on Monday, 7-17, was about IDEAS and how we get them for the projects that we make.  I asked for you to email me and let me know what you did to get the ideas you use.  I got two emails ~ thank you ladies!  The first one is from Margaret Spencer ~

Good Morning  ~ Do you really get stuck for ideas?

When I scroll thru Facebook I will 'save' posts that include interesting cards into my file 'try this from SU.' That helps me. I know the cards are created with our great products and I  know the demonstrators are talented.

That's what I do!

I am anxious to read other ideas ...

 And the second one is from Diane Voskuhl ~

Hi Susan Elise,

When I get in a slump, I take out about an inch stack of printed paper, spread that on my work space ( dining room table ) find matching solids, match them up.

I take out my old standby file ( zip lock bag )  and start cutting shapes and sizes.  I am making " kits ". Stack them in a holder, worry about the embellishments later.  Then as I sort them the next day, it all comes to me. And then it flows as it goes.

Some days I make so many kits, it takes me the week to plan and finish them with cut outs, ribbons, jewels etc. By the end of the week I can have 30 plus cards made.

Anyone else have some ideas that you would like to share ~ I'd love to hear from YOU!  And, there is a DRAWING of those who participated in this IDEA SHARE.  EMAIL me your ideas by Friday, July 28, to be in the drawing!  Thanks, Susan Elise