The Secret Life of Sunflowers

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August 31 BOOK RECOMMENDATION ~ particularly if you have been to the van Gogh Exhibit at the Virginia Beach Convention Center (and, if you haven't you have a few more days ~ it's there until the 8th ~ it's fabulous!).
Here is a quote worth remembering:
“Refusals will not kill me. Ridicule will not kill me. My feelings might be hurt, I might be embarrassed, I might want the ground to open beneath my feet, and others might wish the same for me, but I will not die. I will keep trying. I will live in gratitude, my face pointed toward the light.”
Johanna van Gogh
Thanks to this woman’s determination to tell his story and share his art with the world, we now all know Vincent van Gogh.

Oatmeal Box

A birthday gift for a lovely lady in her nineties, Cleo.  She and her daughter, Gail, have two young kittens that are keeping them both busy and young at heart.  I wrapped up a Garfield toy for Cleo's upcoming birthday and because I had made butterscotch oatmeal cookies last night I had this wonderful box that was just the right size.  And, some of my fav retired DSP! 


Playful Pets DSP


Amazing Year stamp set

Be good to yourself.................

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Don’t Sabotage your Creativity!

Don’t demand your stamping to be perfect. Handmade is not meant to always be perfect. If you demand yourself to be perfect you will not enjoy the wonderful creative process. Don’t be afraid. Try new ways to use the products you have. After all, a piece of cardstock the size of a card does not cost over five cents; so, if you ruin it, you are not out that much and you will have had the fun of trying something new. Cards do not have to be perfect to be beautiful.


Do not compare your work with others. You have your own style. Creativity is not about competing and comparing. It is enjoying the process of creating. It is alright to use other’s projects for inspiration, but do not compare your project with others.


Do not rush. Avoid leaving things until the last minute. Rushing kills the fun and enjoyment of creativity. It often leads to big mistakes such as ink smudges where they should not be. Make time for yourself to stamp. You are entitled to the joy of creativity.


Fear. Do not be afraid to give away a hand-made card. It may not be perfect in your eyes, but it is a gift from the heart. Also, don’t be afraid to try new techniques and products. Frankly, it does not matter what others think as long as you enjoy yourself. Play and enjoy your crafting experience.


Don’t be afraid to CASE. CASE does mean Copy and Share Everything. When you copy a project, it is a compliment to the person that made the card. Casing helps you come up with ideas of your own. Share your own ideas with others.

These five simple things can destroy your love of creating, so learn to relax and love your time to be creative. Always take time to play with new products, ideas, and techniques. Enjoy your creative time.